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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

i'm Yours

I've realised
I'm Yours.....
And why not?
You made me
And fed me.
You cherished me
And blessed me.
Why shouldn't I
be Yours?

And there is
no doubt
about it -
We are all
the believers
and non believers
the monotheists
and the polytheists
the deniers
and the accepters -
whether they want to
or they don't -
they are Yours!

There was
never a doubt
as to our ownership.

I say:
I'm consciously submitting:
I'm Yours.
And it fills me
with joy.
My heart swells
And I can't
contain it -
the exhilaration
of knowing
I am Yours!

And now,
now that I
have found You
rather ...
I have found myself
for You .....
I fear being lost

So pick me up
cleanse me
and take me
to yourself -
and keep me;
forever and ever -
in this life
and the life after -
For eternity.

Monday, 7 February 2011

It’s all because I love you………..

My child, my beloved, I set you free
To spread your wings and reach new heights.
To rise with the currents and design your destiny
To explore God’s world and savour all its delights.

I am setting you free to be your very own person
Free to think and to do what you please,
To break free from shackles of selfish oppression
I am letting you fly – so seize your release.

You’re the flesh of my flesh and the blood of my blood
You hurt – and I hurt; you cry – and I cry with you.
You reach out for help and I am always around
I am yours; you are mine. But I do not own you.

My Child: because I love you, I set you free.

As I release you I sense my own freedom within
I realise all at once that Allah created me free.
He loves each of us more than anyone else can
Yet there are no pressures – not on you not on me.
I realise: because Allah loves us, He set us all free.

flight feathers

My little fledgling has found his flight feathers.
He has lifted off into the skies.
He must conquer their vastness
He must reach the pinnacle of his flight.
His head is inundated with light
Its blue brilliance blinding him.

He can neither see nor feel this
Aching heart that yearns for his return.
For him:
There is no looking back – only the way forward.