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Saturday, 6 November 2010


Awaken your mind!
Invent something!
Climb on to the ladder of success
Go change the world,
For you have chance at your door!
Youth at your feet!
Intelligence - your slave!
Life - your wealth!
Time - your cash in hand!

Faith – your strength!
Use them!

What are you waiting for?
The sky is the limit for you!
Reach out to the sky then
And pluck off the stars!
(they were put there for you!)
Keep moving!
Take no breaks.
Take no time off.
Take no time to chill.
Keep moving!

Make time for just one thing –

Remembrance of Allah -
And bow down before Him,
(the world will bow before you!)
Because He lights the candle of your life -
And He alone has the power to snuff it out.
With Him on your side
It will be payback time –

All the time -
with success in this world,
And success in the hereafter.

Go out then,
And become what He has created you to be –
Go out!
And design your destiny!