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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Pseudo Freedom

I'm free.
Free to do whatever I want.....
Free to work, and work some more
Free to earn, and earn some more
And then .......
Free to spend, and spend some more

Is this freedom though?
- free to sin, and sin some more?
- free to indulge myself,
and indulge some more?
free to ignore the truth if I choose to,
to turn the other way?
- free to wash my hands off my responsibility
to God and Society?

Is this what freedom means?
Am I free to call indulgence a waste?
- or a lapse in morality a sin?

Alas! I have put my conscience to sleep –

drugged it into a lull
of false security –

the 'ecstasy' of activity –

and I'm on the run!

Every time my inner voice
lifts its head from
its drugged slumber,
I quickly soothe it back to sleep
with some more 'interesting things to do’ -
a game? some TV? a soap?
perhaps..... food? new clothes? gossip? keep me occupied.

The 'activity of sleep' is now a habit,

my second nature –

If I’m not asleep, I’m ‘bored’!

And time, the silent witness, is passing by.

I’m losing out.

I have to rehabilitate –

Break my dependence;

break the shackles of this enslavement,

and liberate myself.
Free me

from this prison of pseudo freedom

That the world has put on 'sale' -

And I have bought.