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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

On turning 24

It’s time again to sing once more
The happy birthday song!
To sing the old year out the door
O new year - come along!

It was today two score and four
Years down the mem’ry lane
A little girl that I adore
Into my heart walked in.

As time flew by and I grew old
She?  Oh she grew young!
With eyes that laughed and lips that sang
A song she first time sung!

It was the merry tune of life
Set to the beat of time
As nurs’ry days turned into school
Then uni days came by.

From toddler to a child she grew
Then on to teenage years
Into a woman she has turned
Beat all the odds and fears.

Now bold and strong all poised for flight
She stands with wings stretched wide
Eyes set on far and distant star
She’s chuz on to abide.

And I? I watch her preen with pride
I dare not even blink my eyes
I fear I might just miss the sight
Of when she takes into the skies.

O she must go, I know she must
It’s time’s decree: what must, must be
But I, ‘accustomed to her face’
Now find it hard to set her free.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Asif Bhai's Lament

Come summer my in-laws descend upon us
With baggage and bundles and rucksacks – no fuss.
Their spouses and daughters and sons – et all
Pour in regardless: the big and the small.
With smiles and sweet talk, appear cozy and warm
But strike like relentless waves in a storm

Chaos then reigns, things turn upside down
All rooms fill up with ear splitting sounds 
There's laughing and chatting in each nook and corner
That grows louder as the night grows, upon my honour.
A peaceful existence is the thing of the past 
I now have to contend with a scream and a blast.

Slippers lie strewn all over the floor 
Don't they know they should leave them right by the door?
I am the head of my household – there's no doubt about that
But my place at the table is taken by some cheeky brat!
In despair I turn to my sanctuary – my newspaper nook
Only to find a niece or a nephew engrossed in a book.

This year they've actually taken the cake 
My room has been snatched, at night I'm awake.
Here I lie flat and I stare at the ceiling 
Swallowing the rage and the anger I'm feeling 
I've been banished mercilessly from my very own door
Assigned no better place than the cold hard floor.


Saturday, 14 January 2012

I am lonely now

My friend,
I am lonely now
Be sufficient for me
So I may never need.

I am lonely now
Occupy my heart
So it is never vacant.

I am lonely now
Be my friend
So I am never alone.

I am lonely now
I am hurting
Be the solace of my aching heart.

I am lonely now
All have turned away
Turn to me.

I am lonely now
My heart is grieving
Hear me cry.

I am lonely now
Drowning in the tumults of the ocean storm
Salvage me.

I am lonely now
Take over my life
Abide in me.