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Thursday, 4 August 2011


Eyes that look
but cannot see.
Eyes that mock
Eyes that scorn
Eyes that disdain
Arrogant eyes
Eyes glazed -
outward looking
blinkered, blind eyes.
Eyes that do not see -
falsehood or honesty.
Lying eyes -
that mislead and confuse.

Oh Allah, give me eyes
that can see.


I want to declutter my life
clean up and clear out
the spaces
in my heart and mind
of faces and events
of loves and hates
of anger and frustration
of chaos and confusion.
I want to switch off the noise
reverberating inside my head.
Noise - that is drowning
the sound of music
I'm yearning to hear.
Then I shall be in sync -
beating to Your rhythm.

I want my solace from You
My advice from You
My joy from You
And My grief from You (in separation)
I want You to be my aim in life
You - my Journey
You - my Destination.
Only then will my life be worth having lived.

Ambitious??? Daring????
A sinner like me -
Twisted, corrupted,
and distorted ?
Yes. I dare to dream.

I am willing and ready
to be repaired and reconstructed.

Pain??? Suffering????
Yes again. After all, it’s my rejuvenation.

The Betrayal

I stand exposed
- in the public eye -
for everyone to see
and slander.
I trusted the eyes
that looked at me -
and mistook hate
for anger.
I trusted the hand
that thrust
A knife in my gut -
As I'd trust
my own hand.

Perhaps, blood is not thick enough.