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Sunday, 31 October 2010


'Oh Allah!
Let me make much of the good things that happen to me in life,

though they be little

- because happiness results only from gratitude.
Let me make little of trials and hurdles that come before me

though they be great

- for You have selected me for these tests

- thought me capable & worthy of facing them;

chosen them as my route to reaching You.

Therefore, oh Allah!
Make me strong.

Protect me from despair

- lest I seek help from others and not You.'

She's gone

She's gone,
slipping through my fingers.

I let her go.
And like deer released
she became a part of the forest
as if it was familiar -
a long lost homeland.
And like a fish
let back into the sea
she entered the depths
and embraced the unknown
as if it were a long lost friend.

And I, her guardian,
stood on the brink
and watched her disappear
displaced by the undergrowth,
displaced by the waves
- as if she had never been mine.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Man is a Pauper

Man is a pauper, really
he has nothing of real value
to give anybody.
Whatever he claims he owns
is actually not his.

I am rich!
I am young!
Iam healthy!
I am alive!
Actually he isn't.

It is best not to expect much from him.

Sunday, 10 October 2010


My words sound like a pretence
even to my own ears.
How must they seem to him
Who is aleady hurting?
- Like salt sprinkling
On an open wound.
I can understand if he thinks
I don't care -

But I do.

I have failed this child of mine
And it kills me inside-
the guilt, the regret.
I have no one but myself to blame
Had I only been wiser ........
Had I only been braver .........

I had no time fo him: he said.
It's true I had no time for him.
And I let him down
For one reason or another
And there can be no forgiveness -

It wasn't a lack of love -
No. I loved him then
- and I love him now.
No. It wasn't the loving
that was at fault -
It was the reason for living
that was faulty.
Had I learnt to live for Allah
rather than man
I would have loved and lived
With no regrets. No regrets. No regrets.

Now - there is no turning back
The hands of my life-clock.
To live again the time mis-spent.

The future though is mine -
And I'm still breathing.
I must heal the wounds
And ease the years of pain
Repaint the canvas of his mind
With happy memories
With trust and generosity
So that he can be whole again.
So he can, perhaps,
forgive me
And there can be peace for both of us.

O Allah, let me not die
before I have made peace with my child.
Before I have given him in full
what is rightfully his
-the love you placed in my heart
so I could bestow it on him.
You are indeed
The Most Merciful of the meciful.