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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

'Testing' Times

I am doing my test – second time round –
– because I failed the last time.
I am not prepared – I might fail again.
At my time in life that is a frightening prospect – I might fail.

I am tired. I like my comfort zone – the fixed and familiar.
And now – I must stir the coals, rekindle old fires,
Probe and prod my memories
archived in the corners of my brain.
O the pain of reliving past failures.
All in the name of Research.
It’s preparation – I’m doing a test.

Why me? Why now?
Just when I had found my niche; feathered it
It’s exam time once more.

My friend says: tests bring with them rich experiences
– struggle and anguish are befitting teachers, she says.
She says I’ll survive – but will I pass?
There lies the root of my agony.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

All people live ....... a few make the difference.

Through our journey of life
we meet all kinds of people.
Of them all, some are good.
A few are extraordinary - they are Special.

Special because they are not simply
good themselves –
but they bring forth the goodness
that is in all those around them.

Like stars they radiate warmth and positive energy
in all directions, wherever they may be.


A man is what a man does ..............

An act becomes infinitely more worthy
when it is done for the pleasure of Allah (swt).
The size of the act is of no significance –
a smile given, a word spoken, a kind gesture, a pure intention –
is sufficient to raise you and place you
amongst the pious –
if it is done to please Allah (swt).

Make Allah’s (swt) pleasure a habit –
it will be source solace and strength
in your hour of need.


I also think that .............

A pious person is like a flower
whose fragrance of peace and contentment
spreads all around him
like a breath of freshness that enlivens
the withered, the wasted –

You can bring back to life
everything that is fading around you

You can define the reason for living
by making a conscious effort in the way of Allah (swt) –
By embracing piety.


I think .............

Desire for change is the seed
that grows into the tree of success.
Every step you take
towards becoming a better ‘You’
is step towards victory.

The one who consciously ensures
that everyday is a step forward,
is the uncontested winner in the game of life.
Therefore, never stop in your quest for excellence.