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Thursday, 30 September 2010


The silence has extended too long.
Too long have I waited.................
..............twenty days too long.

The silence

Has not broken.
Not a whisper have I heard
Not a word,

Not a text,
Not even a smiley that’s angry.

Just silence.

Silence that is overpowering
Silence that is enveloping
Silence that is so quiet
I can hear its roar reverberate
around me.
Silence that is frightening me
Silence that is clouding my judgement
Silence that is taking over
Silence that is changing my life.
Silence that is damaging all I stand for
Silence that is terrifying me
Silence that is the signpost
in the story of my life

Marking an end ............

...........and a beginning of another end.

Silence that has begotten more silences.
Silence that has brought a quiet - without tranquillity.
Silence that is disturbing the peace

Replacing it with a clamour of emotions.
A heavy, heavy silence

Weighing down my heart.

Silent rooms.

Silent house.

Silent voices.
Silent laughter.
Silent tears.
Silent yearning..........

......................yearning for a shattering

A shattering of silence.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

reality is hitting home

Reality is hitting home.
The glamour and excitement of partying;
the relief and euphoria
of having found 'suitable spouses'
for both my daughters... is fading -
and reality is hitting home.
My girl is about to leave.

For good.

She is flying away to build her own nest...
leaving in my home
an empty space,
an empty bed,
an empty chair,
and empty air -
empty of her laughter.

There is a knot stuck in my throat
that I can't swallow;
and a twist where my heart is
that I can't untie.
I know I will cry soon -
very soon,
yet, for the present
I've kept my tears at bay.
I'll wait for another day
before I unleash the watershed
that has been gathering
over my brow.

Very soon I shall cry.