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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Full Circle

It is full circle –
The past has come back -
to haunt the present.......
Justice must be done
Accounts must be settled.
Everyone must pay the price –
be it bitter or sweet –
For past deeds.
No act is lost, you see
And now -
It has returned –
to rankle.

If you are wise
You will see:
it is an opportunity
To right the wrongs.

This is the chance:
You must make up for your sins –
the most abhorrent of all –
sins against mankind –
Sins for which there is no redemption.

It’s time to delve deep
into memories folded and hidden
in the recesses of your mind.
Cut open the wounds in your heart -
that had healed (with time)
Let the blood squeeze out once more
And relive
the pain of the past.
Pluck out archives of words and actions
Lay them all out on the table –
(it’s a sorting game)
And set them right ........
If you dare.