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Friday, 15 May 2009

I am in prostration

I am in prostration
In absolute submission
Of servile gratitude.
A non entity;
A spec on the face of a spec in eternity;
Before a Merciful Master
Who acknowledges my insignificance
By granting me an intellect -
Lifting me from off the heap
Of assorted life forms
To honour me with a title -
Ashraf ul Maqlookhat.

How then can I raise my head?
For it will mean a moment lost
– a moment of worship – lost -
When a lifetime of thankfulness
Is worth a drop in an ocean.

Tell me..... how can I raise my head?
When I know I have just a little time left
To make up for the years of
Ignorant negligence –
Years of ghaflat.

I cannot.

Therefore........ I am in prostration
In absolute submission
In servile gratitude -
For He, Whom I worship
Can change each moment of my devotion
Into an eternity of adoration,