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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

on the 18th of Zilhij.......

The test gets tougher each day –
The dividing line between the right and wrong gets faint by the minute
Confusion reigns – both friend and foe flaunt identical faces.
This is difficult.
I am not going to think too deeply.

I close my mind.
Busy myself in ‘petty intricacies’ of being ‘religious’
‘Waters shouldn't mix – my wudhu is batil’
Yet a brother sleeps hungry and sister dies of starvation.
‘Not my neighbour – What can I do?’
I console my clamouring mind.
Oppressors are extolled while injustice reigns,
Innocents are exploited – and I watch it all – Silent.
Is my life ‘batil’?
I wonder.

Today is Yaum e Ghadeer – and I, the follower of Ahlul bait
Proclaim loudly my allegiance to Imam Ali (as).
Yet it's actions that speak louder than words:
What do my actions speak?
I wonder.